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Posted By Admin on 07/21/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Booty


The guys at Big Ass Adventure sure did find a girl with one of the fattest booties I have ever seen.

Just take a look at Jessica’s ass it looks like its big it looks ripe enough to take a bite out of.  You don’t see many girls with huge asses like hers here in the states.

I guess that’s why the guys at Big Ass Adventure travel the world in search of the biggest, roundest, juiciest asses that you will ever see. I wish I had job where all I did was travel and find thick booty hoes to fuck.

Oh well if you can be them you might as well join a great site like Big Ass Adventure.

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Posted By on 07/14/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Booty


Every scene I have seen where a guy shoots his load on the ass of girl he just fucked the girls ass is covered in it. When that happens at it looks like few drops here and there but that is all.

Why is that you ask? Well the asses on Brick House Butts are not your average asses. In fact they are know for being some of the biggest asses in the world. It’s just not one girl with a huge fat ass the entire site is full of girls with big giant thunder butts.

Don’t take my word just check out Your not going to believe the sizes of the asses on the site. The butts are so fucking huge that you might need to set up 2 monitors so enjoy them.


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Posted By Rhino on 07/10/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Booty


What in the fuck?

Why are you reviewing a big tits site on a fucking big booty blog?

The fuck?

I hear ya loud and clear, pal. The reason why I am reviewing this particular big tits site on my big booty blog is this site features naturally busty girls.

So what the fuck does that mean?

Stick with me here… or watch Tereza masturbate and rub those deliciously natural 34DD tits. Then come back and see what I have to say…

18 and Busty features nothing but naturals. You cannot have double D tits without having a solid foundation. This is where the big booty comes in. You see, in order to support those outrageously large mammaries the girls have to have equally outrageously large booty!

It is a fucking slam dunk on teh win-win!

I am cruising through the members area at 18 and Busty and I have to say… One fine ass booty on every single girl! OK… Three of them managed to hit Double D status without a booty… But the other amateur babes are all big booty hotties!

Models at 18 and Busty do interviews so you can get to know them and hear interesting facts like when they first had sex or when and how they first masturbated. Movies can be downloaded or streamed to your browser and come in medium and large formats to match your connection speed.

Don’t buy another big booty site without checking out 18 and Busty first!

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