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Posted By Admin on 03/16/16 - Bookmark Rhino’s Booty


Usually, guys who are looking to bang a cheating wife think that they have a good thing going. They think that it’s pretty much just like showing up. Success in their minds is just basically letting the woman know that he’s available. Sadly, most of these guys fail. Why? They think that it’s all about sex.

I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that sex isn’t involved. Of course, it’s involved, but you have to remember that a cheating wife is looking for something more than sex. Of course, she’s there for the sex and the reason why it’s cheating is because sex involved, but the sex is not it. I hope I don’t sound wishy washy. I hope I’m not sounding like I’ve got my wires crossed. Bear with me.

The reason why they are not really looking for sex is because the sex is some sort of shorthand or metaphor for something else that’s going on. You have to remember that when you commit to somebody and you give your word to somebody that you’re going to stay married and you’re going to be faithful to that person, it’s a big betrayal of trust when you do otherwise. So, what’s going on?

Well, they’re just looking for sex as a proxy to the many different things that they feel that the relationship is no longer giving them. Maybe they want to feel cherished and appreciated and respected. Maybe they feel that a lot of the youthful vigor and sense of excitement that they used to have is completely gone. Whatever it is that they’re looking for, they’re using cheating as some sort of a proxy or standby for that sense of adventure that they feel is missing.

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